System And Projects :

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial Humidification Systems

Pnuematic Conveying Systems

Air Pollution Control Systems : Systems designed with latest process technologies, economically viable and complying to SPCB/CPCB norms for the following:

Automobile & Aeronautical :

• De-dusting & Fume extraction systems for CNC SP machines.

• De-dusting systems for shot blast machines.

• Fume Extraction systems for Pickling, De-greasing and plating plants.

• De-dusting systems for Banbury mixers & Tyre plants.

• De-dusting systems for brake shoe plants.

• De-dusting systems & Fume extraction systems for Battery plants.

Cement :

• Bag houses for Coal /Lime Kiln, Raw Mill, Cement Mill.

• De-dusting systems for Raw Material plants.

Ceramic & Refractory's :

• De-dusting systems for Kilns, Grinding Mills & Ovens.

• De-dusting systems for Material processing and handling plants.

Chemical, Fertiliser & Pharmaceutical :

• De-dusting systems for Kilns and Calcination plants.

• De-dusting systems for Material handling plants.

• De-dusting systems for tableting m/c, mixers & grinders.

• De-dusting systems for Detergent processing plants.

Construction :

• Bag filters for Hot-mix Asphalt plants.

• Dust Collection systems for stone crushing & Screening plants.

• Silo vents for RMC plants.

Food Processing :

• Bag filters & Fans for Flour / Rice /Pulses Mills.

• De-dusting systems for Diary Dryers, Food colour processing.

Other Industries :

• Flue Gas cleaning systems for Incinerators.

• De-dusting systems for wood processing plants.

• De-dusting systems for Tea processing & packaging plants.

• De-dusting systems for Coffee curing, roasting and processing plants.

Power Plants :

• De-dusting systems for Coal/Lignite crushing & screening plants.

• De-Dusting systems for Coal, Lignite & Ash Handling systems.

• De-Dusting systems for Wagon tipplers and Truck tipplers.

• Tunnel exhaust systems for Hydro-electric plants.

• TG Hall Ventilation systems.

Steel Plants & Foundry :

• Steel Melt shop, EAF & LRF De-dusting systems.

• De-Dusting systems for Steel refining in AOD vessels

• Sinter Plant & Pellet Plant De-dusting systems.

• Lime/Dolomite Kiln De-dusting systems.

• Raw Material Handling De-dusting systems.

• De-Dusting Systems for Coke Ovens.

• De-Dusting Systems for Sand Plants & Induction Furnaces.

• Fume Extraction Systems for processing lines.

• Fume extraction & scrubbing system for pickling plants